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A House Fit (for the Portrait of) a King

A House Fit (for the Portrait of) a King


If you visit the perfected state, Jeonju, one of the places you are likely to visit is Gyeonggijeon, a palace shrine built for, not a king, but his portrait. More specifically, it was built for King Tae-jo’s portrait, the founder of the late Joseon Dynasty. Tae-jo, not his portrait. His portrait didn’t found anything.

Just wanted to clear that up.

The shrine is basically set up as a palace,…

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A Quick Trip to Jeonju (2014)

A Quick Trip to Jeonju (2014)

It’s been a while since Jihye and I traveled around, so in February, while she had a break between school years, we decided to visit Jeonju. Why Jeonju? My number one reason was hanji. Beautiful, beautiful hanji.

That’s mulberry bark paper, the traditional paper used in Korea, for those not in the know.

Oh, and it has some landmarks, history, a touristy hanok village, and is also known for its…

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Intermission - unstable internet and wordpress

Intermission – unstable internet and wordpress

Well, here is an unintended intermission. What I had wanted to do was upload my post on Jeonju. Unfortunately uploading pictures over a wifi network that is not always 100% leads to freezing and subsequent loss of all unsaved data.

I need to be pickier about my cafe choices or just upload all the pics before heading out.

So instead, enjoy a proverb I just learned:

호랑이에게 물려가도 정신만 차리면 된다


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A Week of Goblins Past (2014)

A Week of Goblins Past (2014)

One of the first pleasant surprises of 2014 was my discovery of Goblin Week.

Goblin Week started by Evan Dahm!

What is Goblin Week you ask? It’s a week for drawing goblins of course! It was started by one of my favourite web comic artists, Evan Dahm of Rice Boy fame. He’s currently working on a story called Vattu. Seriously, go check him out if you haven’t already.

So naturally, I had to take…

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Engram - Stumbling Across Jeong Ui-Ji

Engram – Stumbling Across Jeong Ui-Ji

Everyday, as we walk down the streets and live our lives, we form and reinforce memories of time, place, and things. A familiar scent can recall distant memories of childhood, or a song in a foreign land can make us think of our distant friends and family. Sometimes these memories feel locked deep, just waiting for the right key to unlock them and bring them out. This is where serendipity comes…

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Intermission - The Year of the Wooden Horse (2014)

Intermission – The Year of the Wooden Horse (2014)

Happy New Year!

Belated, yes, yes, I know. I’ve been distracted. Over the last few months I’ve been a bit busy, but mostly distracted. Aside from my regular work, I’ve…

Participated in Goblin Week

Finished a Painting


Laid the Ground Work for my Next Painting


Visited Jeonju


Started Translating a Korean Picture Book




These all will give me plenty of blogging fodder, so hopefully I’ll…

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